Kindergarten and New Student Registration is Now Underway
Superintendent's Department
Schoolhouse It's time to register children who will be attending D70 schools for the first time in the 2016-2017 school year. This includes new kindergartners and new students who will be entering Grades 1-8. From the HOME menu on the district web page, click the Kinder&NewStu16-17 link to get to the Registration web page. The page hosts the information parents will need to complete the process. Please start with the "Pre-Registration Form."

If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Cox, registrar, at 847-362-9695 ext. 7116.
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2016-17 School Year Calendar
Superintendent's Department
Calendar Here is the calendar of all the parent-teacher conferences, early releases, and school holidays for the 2016-17 school year.
This calendar is posted year-round on the D70 website in the Superintendent's Department, under Resources. It also appears on the Calendar posted on all D70 sites.
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Copeland Manor School Addition is Underway
Superintendent's Department
Copeland Four classrooms, remodeling, and a new full-size gym are being added this year to Copeland Manor School. The school is under construction with four classrooms (shaded in green on the south in the proposal) expected to be ready at the strart of school, additional student washrooms, a full-size gymnasium (also shaded in green on north side), expected to be ready later this winter, and expanded parking (shaded area in site plan). The plans call for a new
site design for parking (as of Feb. 9).
The proposal, as presented here, was approved by the Village of Libertyville.
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We Have an App for That - The D70 Mobile App is Here
Superintendent's Department
District 70 is on the go with a mobile app!

Download us - it's free! Available on iTunes and Google Play (search Libertyville District 70)
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Let The Sun Shine - Making a Difference in D70
Superintendent's Department
Libertyville School District 70 is the largest solar-powered school district in the state of Illinois.
Here's the story:
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What is Illinois Science Assessment?
Superintendent's Department
Chemistry On what standards is ISA based?
ISA is based on the Illinois Learning Standards in science incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The State Board adopted these standards in 2014. The Illinois Learning Standards in science incorporating the NGSS replaced the previous science standards that were adopted in 1997. See the Illinois State Board of Education.for more details.

What types of items will appear on the ISA?
Each test will begin with reading passages, called scenarios, and will be followed by a series of test items. Some items will be open-ended, some will be multiple-choice and some will be multiple-select (more than one correct response). Other items will involve dropdown selections. Each test will also include stand-alone, multiple-choice items that do not follow a scenario.

What NGSS science content is covered in each test?
Grades 5 and 8 will have items aligned to Physical Science (PS), Life Science (LS), Earth/Space Science (ESS) and Engineering (ETS).
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How to get D70 Messages as Texts
Superintendent's Department
News Photo Opt in to get D70 messages as mobile phone texts.
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Spring D70 Views Newsletter
Superintendent's Department
Newspaper The Spring 2016 D70 Views communitywide newsletter is now posted.

The newsletter contains information about the districtwide survey and becoming a member of the 2016-2021 Strategic Planning Committee.
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